A City Celebrates its 150th Anniversary with 10 Big Ideas for the Future

Project Description

The Evanston150 initiative collected ideas, plans, hopes and dreams from community members, over 2,013 ideas were collected over a 4 month period. The top 10 projects, with visionary outlook, broad community acceptance, and long-term impact, were all underway or completed by 2013, serving as a tribute to the City’s 150th anniversary, and laying the groundwork for a promising future.

Kick Start Marketing Chicago created a marketing and public relations plan for the project kick-off through unveiling of the final 10 ideas; co-developed and launched an Evanston150 website, email marketing program and social media channels; established community partnerships to promote broad participation in the project; helped plan public events, and recruit volunteers; planned a media campaign; and attended and reported to the project Steering Committee.

Result: Over 10,500 community members participated in the project in a myriad of ways including submitting ideas, attending public events, volunteering, sponsoring, joining the monthly e-mail list, following on social media, and participating in an idea committee. Met deadlines for reaching objective of 10 final projects to be unveiled in November of 2011. Conserved 12 month project budget, stretching it to last for another 12 months to promote project participation and news.

Project Details