Chicago Theater Company Soars with Rebrand

Project Description

The Artistic Director and Pegasus Players Board of Directors sought to reinvigorate the theater company by redefining their mission and brand in time for their 35th season in 2014. Company members hoped to capitalize on the theater’s distinguished history, and develop loyal audiences drawn from the large pool of patrons and artists involved in the Young Playwright’s Festival. The project focused on the parts of branding that would increases awareness and knowledge of Pegasus Players: including its mission statement, key message points, identity design, photography, brochure, website, video, and public outreach through online, social media and news outlets. Deliverables included a summary report of data collected from stakeholders about current perceptions of Pegasus Players, development of the company’s core values and revised company mission statement, a branding plan and a sample collateral workbook.

Result: The company’s name was changed from Pegasus Players to Pegasus Theatre Chicago in order to hold on to the 35 year brand equity, while differentiating the company from businesses with similar names. A new tagline was created with the new mission statement; core values and the Young Playwrights Festival in mind--Where epic stories take flight.

We worked with the client’s graphic designer to develop a new logo and visual identity for the company in time for the launch of the 35th season and new website.

Project Details